Development History

Grown from a family-operated precision machining company, Ningbo Longteng was built in 1995. It was named Fenghua Tengxing Machine Components Plant before 2003. We started the company with 5 employees including our president, Zhou Rongjun. Today LT is now comprised of 196 employees and over 50,000 square feet of area.

We have one office building, one warehouse and six workshops, which are CNC workshop, Grinding workshop, Tooling workshop, Lathe workshop, Auto lathe workshop and Cold forging & stamping workshop.

2014.jpgTo better traceable, in 2004 MES is introduced.
2012, we started implementing ERP.
2011.jpg2011, we certified the TS16949:2009
2004, all the employers and equipment moved into the new area, where we are right now.
In the late 2003, Ningbo Longteng Metal Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established.
2001, the first British customer came in and we cooperate till now. And we are sure we would continue the good relationship ever and ever.
2000,we certified by ISO9000. Focused on the high quality of products and responsibility for the customers, Tengxing do the manufacturing according to the standard of ISO9000 with only approximate 10 emplpyees.
1999,Tengxing set up its own website. From then, we started to welcome the customers from overseas.
1998, Mr.Zhou come back to Tengxing , and expended the business to machining parts. Of course, it was only rough machining at that time.
1997,while confronted with the tough business for Tengxing, Mr. Zhou went to Shenzhen, cooperated with his friends, opening a new company. It is mainly manufacturing the stamping products and tooling design. From then, Mr. Zhou broadened his thought and improved his technical skills, which brought Tengxing a better development.
Fenghua Tengxing Machine Components Plant was established in 1995, which occupied only 330 square feet. Our main product is screw. We designed it, we made it, we sold it.